Brads staff app

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Steam Name: Supreme leader Brad

RP (Ingame) Name: Supreme leader Brad

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:81403007

Are you on our Discord? (Name and Discord ID): Bradd#3394

Country: UK

Time-Zone (e.g UTC, BST): GMT

Age (Minimum 14): 18

How many warnings do you have on the server?(Under 5 recommended): 0

Do you have past experience of being Staff? (If so state the rank and your tasks): Too much, Founder of about 6 past servers and staff on many other servers like eg. mafiarp, harry potter rp, darkrp and starwars rp

How much time could you spend on the server in an average week?: I dont know yet

What values would you add to the team? : I have experience running/staffing servers and experience hosting servers too. I own my own host :). I can bring my knowledge of running staff teams and servers and bring it and implement the knowledge into this server to improve its current structure

Why do you want to be staff? : Help bring new ideas to the server and also make the discord look nicer and the serrver

Tell us more about yourself: Hello im Brad i am 18 currently studying level 3 motorsport in college working on rally cars and a formula reno. I love helping people out and wasting money on gmod especially addons
Not open for further replies.