Important [IMPORTANT] Staff Application Information

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Staff Application Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a staff member here at Kyber Networks. Our team consists of members who have volunteered to keep our network safe and secure. These members became staff by writing a staff application which could have barely crossed the requirements or exceeded our requirements.

Our requirements are below along with some information which may assist you while writing your application, remember to take your time and not rush it. You must also understand that if you fail to meet specific criteria your application may be instantly denied.


  • You must be 14 years of age or older.
You must be 14 years of age or older to be considered. We feel at 14 you may have had enough time online to really have put up with people. We feel that if you're under 14, you haven't had enough of a chance to really experience what people are actually like online. Also, if you're under 13, you're not even allowed on Discord, if you are under 13 please give us your discord username and tag with a clear message saying you are under 13 for fun.

  • You must have no active warnings.
We know that accidents may happen, but in order to see some level of care, we need to know that you have no active warnings on the server. Also, if you're banned, what are you even looking at this for?

  • Clean history
If you have ever been punished, may that be a ban, warn or mute, it doesn't mean you cannot be staff on our network. It certainly helps you if you do not have any punishments, but if you can show good intent and you do a good job you're likely to get accepted.

  • You must have access to Discord and a working microphone.
You need to have access to Discord to communicate with fellow staff. All sorts of activities are held in our Discord and to not have a Discord account wouldn't make sense as you would not be caught up with any updates or changes which are made within the staff team. As for a microphone, sometimes it helps to identify and communicate more efficiently.

  • You need to be active on Discord, in-game and on the forums.
Being active in all areas of our community allows us to know your dedication to a position within our staff team. Not to mention, you need to have some experience on all platforms if you ever need to assist somebody with anything.

Additional Information
  • Once you have posted your application, you will receive a reply once it has been reviewed by our management.​
  • Do not ask anyone to look at your application. Be patient and wait for a reply.​
  • Your attitude and behaviour towards others can impact how your application goes.​
  • Using emojis or different fonts may be seen as unprofessional. Make sure you're using formal language to ensure your best chances.​
  • Lying in your application will get it instantly denied.​
  • If an attempt at becoming staff fails, you will be able to reapply 3 days after your thread was locked.​
  • Sharing or discussing your application with others is not allowed and your application will be denied.​
  • Copying your application from another player or website is strictly prohibited and your application will be denied.​

- Format -
1. What is your in-game name?:
2. What is your steam ID?:
3. What is your age & date of birth?:
4. When did you first join the server?:
5. What is your Discord name & tag?:
6. Do you have any previous experience in staffing? (if yes, explain):
7. Do you have any active punishments?:
8. Have you ever been banned? (if yes, why?):
9. Are you staff in any other communities?:
10. What is your time zone?:
11. Why do you believe you should be staff? (50 words minimum):
12. What is RDM?:
13. What is TDM?:
14. What is FailRP?:
15. What is FearRP?:

1. You're currently a Moderator and a player has threatened to chargeback a purchase they had made, what are you doing?

A: Ban them based on the threat alone.
B: Inform an Administrator or higher of the threat.
C: Do nothing.

Your answer:

2. You're online on the server as a Trial staff member when you suspect a user of ban evading (note, they have said they are in chat). What do you do?

A: Inform an Admin with screenshot evidence of them claiming they are ban evading.
B: Tell an Admin and then try to investigate to get evidence.
C: Do nothing as you feel the claim alone is not valid proof.

Your answer:

3. You're on the server and somebody comes up to you and kills you. You haven't been doing anything wrong and there is nothing saying you can't be where you are. What do you do?

A: Instantly punish the user without getting a reason.
B: Ask the user why they did that before making a decision.
C: Do nothing.

Your answer:

4. You're sitting on the forums as a Moderator when you see someone start spamming racial slurs. What do you do?

A: Screenshot the evidence, delete the post and punish accordingly.
B: Delete the post and punish the user.
C: Delete the post.
D: Do nothing.

Your answer:

5. While on Discord you see something which you feel should be punishable, but you aren't sure. What do you do?

A: Wait and see if another staff member punishes, if not ignore.
B: Punish anyway and hope nobody notices it's wrong.
C: Check with other staff to see if that should be punishable, if so punish, otherwise don't.
D: Do nothing.

Your answer:

Are you comfortable with our rules?:
Are you OK with being watched over and monitored?:

- End -

That is all for now, thank you for considering being staff here and we wish you good luck!​
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