Server Rules


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Basic Rules
Don't RDM - Randomly killing a player without a valid roleplay reason
Don't Break NLR - Returning to the place where you died or going back to the person who killed you to get revenge
Don't Metagame - Using information from OOC in a role-play situation

Don't RDA - Randomly arresting someone without a valid roleplay reason
Don't Spam this includes Mic spam, prop spamming, chat spam
Don't VDM - Using your vehicle to kill someone randomly

Don't be racist this is not allowed at all on the server

Prop Abusing
Don't use props to climb up somewhere this is prop climbing
Don't use a prop to surf this is the same as prop climbing
Don't use a prop to kill someone this is prop killing
Don't use a prop to block a place there must be 1 way in and 1 way out

You must advert raid in the advert for the raid to be valid!
Once you have raided, you must wait 10 mins until you may raid anywhere else again.
Once you have raided a certain person, You must wait 15 mins before you can raid them again.

You can only mug someone once every 5 mins.
You can only mug someone for up to 3000 credits.

You can only kidnap someone every 15 mins
You can only keep a hostage for up to 30 mins, After that, you must sell them / Kill them this doesn't apply for Slaver

Job Abusing
Don't Switch jobs to avoid the roleplay situation
Don't switch to weapons dealer just to pocket a shipment or weapon to then change job
Selling your job for money is not allowed

You may not scam someone, Once someone has paid you for a weapon or any other item, You must provide it.

There must be at least 1 way in and 1 way out in a base
Crouch tunnels are allowed however they cannot be longer than 3 seconds long.
Death traps are not allowed (E.g. a falling couch)
Invisible defences that make it hard for the raider to know where he's going are not allowed.
When building, Make sure you put up a building sign or else you may get raided, And it's not the raider's fault.
Kos lines cannot stretch out massively to the point where you take up a lot of lands ( Unless you have an outpost or a small town )
You may not build unrealistic structures ( E.g. flying houses must have support beams )
Do not build random things in the street. ( Only things like hobo shacks and outposts)

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